Groh utilizes biochar as a powerful tool in agricultural and environmental applications. By incorporating biochar into soil, Groh improves soil structure, enhances water retention, promotes nutrient availability to plants, and sequesters carbon, leading to healthier crops, reduced water usage, and mitigated greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, Groh’s biochar solutions contribute to sustainable land management practices, fostering long-term soil health and productivity.

microbial solutions for water treatment viewed through microscope

Microbial Solutions

Groh leverages beneficial microorganisms to enhance agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability. These microbes, when applied to soil or water systems, contribute to nutrient cycling, improve soil structure, suppress pathogens, and promote plant growth and resilience. By harnessing the power of microorganisms, Groh fosters a balanced and thriving ecosystem that supports healthy crops and reduces the need for chemical inputs.


Groh utilizes biopolymers as eco-friendly alternatives for soil and water management. These biodegradable polymers help retain moisture in soil, prevent erosion, and enhance nutrient availability for plants. By incorporating biopolymers into their solutions, Groh promotes sustainable agricultural practices that improve soil health, reduce water usage, and support resilient crop growth.

pelletized biopolymers
nanobubble structure


Groh harnesses nanobubbles to revolutionize water treatment and environmental remediation. By infusing water with nanobubbles, Groh enhances oxygenation levels, improves water clarity, and promotes the breakdown of pollutants and organic matter. This innovative approach leads to cleaner water bodies, healthier aquatic ecosystems, and sustainable solutions for managing water quality challenges.

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